Rules and Notices

A few things you need to know and ought to keep in mind when you submit your name for one of the presents:

1) Make sure to submit correctly! Send your email to, and use the DATE and PRESENT as subject (e.g. “1st Dec. DH tickets”), and put your name and country in the email. There is no need to put in your address, as we will get back to the winners once we need it.

2) The calender is for all fans of Rupert Grint. No matter where you are from, we DO ship internationally!
However, when submitting yourself for the presents, keep in mind that some things (e.g. DVDs or BluRays) are restricted to certain areas. We cannot change this, but we will indicate this on the description of the present, so if you know you won’t be able to use the DVD, you might still win if you send us an email…

3) You can submit your name as often as you wish. However, please do not submit your name again once you have won a present. There are thousands of fans out there, and it would not be fair if one person won twice.

4) If you are a lucky winner, bear in mind that it will take a while until you will receive your present. We don’t own owls but have to rely on snail mail. We will let you know when your present has been sent off, and if possible we will tell you an approximate arrival date.

5) If you have any questions, please email to so we can answer them.

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